18/8 Stainless Steel Reusable Telescopic Metal Straw With Bottle Opener

  • Features: removable, retractable, flexible, eco-friendly, mobile, foldable, multiple-use, with bottle screw.
  • Portable and very easy to tidy: The Homii telescopic metal straw can be diminished and put in a lightweight aluminum case, appropriate for pockets, purses, knapsacks, or brief-cases.
  • Usage: milkshake or smoothie, slush, healthy protein shake, water, milk.
  • Unique function: The mobile aluminum housing is created as a bottle opener. It is highly suitable for opening up beer, mixed drinks, soft drinks, soft drinks, etc. It is ideal for traveling, outside, or family usage.
  • With an extra-long retractable brush, you can easily clean the inside of the reusable telescopic metal straw from top to bottom. Don’t fret about the coffee or other drinks in the straws that are unclean.