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How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

We will show you how to make a snow globe tumbler with glycerin in some easy steps. To help you make a funny and stable snow globe tumbler.

Last Updated on March 11, 2024 by Tina Shao

Regarding DIY projects, there’s nothing like the joy of making your snowglobe tumbler.

You can make it look like the one you would buy in the store and have total control over what goes into it! If you don’t want any bubbles or foam in your snow globe tumbler, there won’t be any.

Of course, you can also customize a personalized snowglobe stainless steel insulated tumbler to use for longer.

Prepare to make a snowglobe tumbler

What supplies do I need to make a snowglobe tumbler - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

To make a snowglobe tumbler, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A clean tumbler with a lid. Double-walled tumblers permanently sealed at the top work best for this project, as they won’t leak glitter when you fill them up with water.
  • Chunky Glitter Mix – this is needed to give it that “snow” look. You can also use straight glitter.
  • UV Epoxy (or another epoxy of your choice). This clear liquid seals the snowglobe tumbler; UV light can cure and harden it into a solid material during drying.
  • UV Light (or any other kind) – This is used for curing your epoxy soon. You can use any UV light, but we recommend an LED with an arm to point it at your object.
  • A syringe or pipette makes getting the epoxy into small areas of your tumbler easier while allowing you more control over how much epoxy goes where. They’re also good for adding glitter without too much spillage over everything else around us!
  • Funnel. This is to help get your fluid into your syringe without spilling much out onto your desk or floor!
  • Rubbing Alcohol – This can be found at any drugstore, and clean your tools before handling them. It’s also good for cleaning your workspace after creating your snow globe tumbler.
  • Paper Towel – Any old paper towels will do here. They are used to absorb any excess glue from the surface of our work area.
  • Distilled Water. Don’t use tap water, which can cause mold growth over time due to high mineral content. Tap water also tends not to be as clear when frozen, so distilled is much better for this project!
  • Whisk and Bowl for mixing epoxy with glitter mix and vegetable glycerin/clear glue mixture before applying them to the tumbler.
  • A drill or a way to punch holes. It is used to drill a hole at the bottom of the tumbler and add glycerin, water, and glitter. You can use an old drill if you have one lying around, but if not, plenty of affordable options online won’t break the bank!
  • Measuring cup (or other tools to measure small amounts of liquids). It allows you to accurately add the required water and glycerin in a certain proportion.
  • A hot glue gun and some glue sticks (although some prefer epoxy). It is an optional supply that can be used to seal the tumbler.
  • Vegetable Glycerin or Clear Glue – A clear liquid that can mix water and glitter and show the snow effects. Glycerin is an odorless, sweet-tasting liquid often used as an ingredient in cough syrups, lotions, and other beauty products. It’s also found naturally in some fruits and vegetables like carrots.

Now, let’s introduce how to make a snow globe tumbler with glycerin step by step:

Step 1: Drill a hole in the bottom of the tumbler.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the tumbler - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

Use vertical pressure to drill slowly through the cup’s outer wall from the bottom of the tumbler. Do not puncture the inner wall of the cup.

While it’s possible to use scissors or a glass cutter, this can lead to the chipping and cracking of your cup. A drill is better because it allows you to apply vertical pressure while drilling through the outer wall of your cup without puncturing its inner wall.

If you’re using a handheld drill, clamp down on the base with pliers so that you don’t accidentally create any unwanted holes in other parts of your tumbler;

Step 2: Mix glycerin and warm water

Mix glycerin and warm water - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

Mix glycerin and warm water in a small plastic cup (approximately 1 part glycerin, three parts warm water). To keep the tumbler from leaking, it’s important to fill the water mixture in a separate container and pour it into the tumbler. This ensures you don’t spill any water mixture when transferring it from one cup to another.

Step 3: Pour the mixture of glycerin and water into a tumbler.

Pour the mixture of glycerin and water into a tumbler. - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

Pour the mixture into the hole drilled into the tumbler base; allow the mixture to fully submerge inside the container before filling it with water. Use a syringe or pipette instead of pouring with your fingers for larger projects. Squeeze about half an inch (1 cm) of water mixture into your tumbler with one end of your pipette, then continue filling until it is about 1/2 way full.

You will want to leave space at the top of the tumbler so it doesn’t spill when you place it in your incubator.

Step 4: Adding some chunky glitter

adding some chunky glitter - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

Now, add the chunky glitter to your tumbler! We want our snow globes to look like they have lots of little dots floating around inside them, so make sure there’s enough room between each particle for them, not all clumping together into one mass!

Depending on how much you want to use, you may want to put it in a jar or plastic bag first so that it doesn’t spill while being added. Then, alternate, adding liquid and glitter until the cup is full.

Step 5: Add some more water

The next step is to add some more water! We want the glitter to be completely covered with water so it will stick to the surface of your snow globe ball later.

You’re done once the liquid has reached the cup’s top! Just screw on your lid and give it a very gentle shake to get everything mixed nicely before giving it as an awesome gift!

To know more details about how to make a snow globe tumbler with glycerin, check the video below:

Step 6: Seal the tumbler.

After you’ve poured your resin into the globe, you’ll need to seal it. This step is important: Without it, there will be no watertight seal between your snow globe tumbler and its base.

1: Seal the hole of the glitter snowglobe tumbler with UV resin

Seal the hole of the glitter snowglobe tumbler with UV resin - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

Quickly apply a small amount of UV resin in the hole of the tumbler and immediately expose it to the light from the UV lamp. Once the resin is set, give your tumbler a good shake and ensure it’s set properly. You may need to apply extra pressure by gently tapping or shaking it harder if it doesn’t.

2: Use a lighter or heat gun and move it quickly over the surface of the resin to remove air bubbles that might have formed during the curing process

Use a lighter or heat gun and move it quickly over the surface of the resin - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

If bubbles exist, apply additional resin to the tumbler and repeat the process until you’re sure every bubble is gone. Once your bubbles have been removed, let your snow globe sit for another 30 minutes before applying a layer of clear resin on top.

Once you’re happy with the result, let it cure for another 30 minutes and repeat step 2. You can also use a small paper towel to remove any remaining air bubbles that might have formed on your tumbler.

How to make a snow globe tumbler without drilling?

How to make a snow globe tumbler without drilling - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

If you are an experienced DIYer with a drill, the best option is to drill your hole. This way, you can know exactly how large or small your hole needs to be for the globe of choice.

There are two options to make a snow globe tumbler without drilling. The first is to use a hot fix applicator, a heated glue gun that melts through the bottle’s plastic and leaves a hole in its wake. The second option is to use a hot glue gun and make several small holes around the bottom of your bottle.

If you use a hot fix applicator, start heating the glue gun until it’s nice and warm. Once it reaches a certain temperature, apply the glue to your bottle’s bottom. When it’s applied, push down the applicator to pressure the bottle and force some hot glue through its bottom before letting go.

How to make a snow globe tumbler with glue?

How to make a snow globe tumbler with glue - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

The glue is used to seal the snow globe. You want glue made for sealing glass so you will not have any leaks. It must also be waterproof, strong enough to withstand pressure, and safe for children if you choose to make them for kids.

Note: If you make this for adults, use whatever glue you like!

The most common types of glue used for sealing a snow globe are epoxy and acrylic. Epoxy is more expensive but holds up better over time and is less likely to leak. If making this a gift, you may consider using epoxy instead.

FAQs About How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler

What is the best liquid for a snow globe tumbler - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

The best way to fill your tumbler is with glycerin.

Glycerin is a clear, odorless, and non-toxic liquid. You can find it at most pharmacies or online. It’s versatile in many areas, from cooking to personal care products like soaps and lotions.

Once you get some glycerin into your snow globe tumbler, you’ll have no problems adding decorations on top of the water.

The best way to add decorations is with glitter. You can find glitter in many colors, including bright gold and silver. Consider using food coloring or paint if you want even more color.

How to seal a snow globe tumbler without epoxy - How To Make A Snow Globe Tumbler? Step by Step Guide

There are a few different options for sealing your snow globe tumbler. You can use a hot glue gun or similar adhesive to seal the top of your tumbler. This method is most effective if you want a completely waterproof design.

Try UV Resin if you want something more decorative than just sealing your tumbler! This resin type has built-in glossiness that will help reflect light into the globe, making it look more like an enchanted winter wonderland!

You can also use CrystaLac or clear acrylic spray paint for sealing purposes. Both methods are easy and quick; however, they won’t give you as much of an effect as UV Resin, or hot glue would provide (again: these methods only work if applied correctly).

If you want to make a snow globe tumbler with baby oil, use baby oil instead of glycerin. All other steps are almost the same.

To make your snow globe, you’ll need to measure the right amount of glycerin. A good ratio is one cup of glycerin for every three teaspoons of water. This gives you enough room for all the ingredients and leaves plenty of room for shaking without spilling too much water.

To get the globe looking like a snow globe, add a few drops of blue food coloring to your mixture before filling up your tumbler with glitter until it’s full but not overflowing. If you want to get fancy, use silver glitter instead!

Mixing the glue and water to make your snow globe tumbler is one of the most important steps in this process. The ratio of glue to water is 1:3, meaning you will use 1 part glue and 3 parts water to create a mixture that is thick enough to adhere well but not so thick that it’s difficult to work with.

Mix them well and let them sit overnight or for at least 10 hours. The longer you leave it sitting, the more time it will take for the mixture to thicken up nicely before applying it to your snow globe tumbler.

There are a few ways to get the clearest effect when making your snow globe.

  • Use distilled or filtered water. The best way to ensure your snow globe is clear is to use bottled water, but if that’s not an option, you can just as easily make it yourself by boiling tap water and letting it cool again. Distilled and filtered water will also help you avoid any unwanted contaminants that may get in the way of a perfect view.
  • Use store-bought water, which is usually distilled and has been filtered. This will give you the best results for creating a clear globe.
  • A cheaper alternative is bottled water that hasn’t been treated with minerals or carbonation—you can buy this at most grocery stores.

If you’re making your own distilled water, it’s important to remember that it can take several hours to cool down. If you want your snow globe to be clear as soon as possible, try adding a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol while waiting for the water to cool. The alcohol will help prevent any mold growth once in place inside your snow globe.

The standard ratio for making a snow globe tumbler is 1/4 cup of glycerin and 3/4 cup of water. This gives you enough movement for your glitter to move around in the tumbler, but not too much, making it hard to see through your finished product.

However, if you want more or less suspension (we’ll get into what this means later), try experimenting with different amounts! Try adding less than 1/4 cup or more than 3/4 cup until you find something that works best for your style.


I hope this post helped you learn how to make a snow globe tumbler with glycerin. It’s a fun craft that kids will love! If you liked this article, please check out my other posts on making DIY glitter snow globes and clear epoxy for sealing them.


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