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How To Choose A Right Water Bottle?

It becomes to be up-rising request tendency in the normal daily life for water bottles due to its comfort and convenience for hydration carrying.

As the root for lives and the one keeps people being healthy and strong, no matter when people are working, go hiking,or yoga, water plays the most important and crucial role in any level! Basing on this, tremendous types of water bottles born to hit people’s target and unique request to carry water. When you enter into a supermarket or online shop, you will see many water bottles with various sizes, materials, shapes etc.So,due to this,people sometime will be dazzled how to choose the right water water bottle? Here I list some factors for your reference.

What do you need the water bottles for?

The first important thing you should be clear is to determine in which status you will use the water bottles for. A water bottle used for hiking or climbing will be far more different than the one you need for hot water, and it will be different from the one you will use for car.

What is the size for the water bottles?

After you determine the usage for the water bottles, the second thing you should do is to find a right size and capacity to meet the request of your activity. Normally there are two ways to show the capacity, in Ounces or Liters, and the one from 16 ounces to 32 ounces(from about 500ml to1000ml) will be the normal ranges. As the experts’ suggest that it will be good if a man drink about 3 Liter water every day and a woman drink about 2.5 Liter.It is suggested that you should drink water for 4- 6 ounces per 20 mins when you are doing any strenuous physical activity to maintain the body balance.

What shape of water bottles do you need?

The third thing you should do is to choose the shape based on what you will use it for. The water bottles that for biking will need to fit well in hand and can be easy to be open; the water bottles used for hiking will need to hold more waters and larger, and can be put into the side bag of your backpack will be necessary etc.

What kind of material do you prefer?

  • 1)Plastics

There are different kinds of materials for the water bottles in the market specifically for different demands. For the plastic water bottles from Homii are so durable and without BPA, a chemical that can leach into beverages and will cause cancer and diabetes. So, to choose a plastic water bottles safe with a BPA-free labeled is a must!

  • 2)Stainless Steel

In the market, you will also find the thermoses and stainless steel water bottles with the brands, such as Yeti,Walmart,Homii etc, they will provide a better thermal insulation than plastics bottles, making it have better performance to keep hot water hot, and keep cold water cold for hours. With a double-wall construction and copper lining, stainless steel water bottles provides the outstanding insulation property. The best stainless steel water bottles, like those from Homii Flask, will provide a whole day surprise!

In order to make sure you are at a peak situation, trying to stay hydrated and using a right water bottles will ensure you’re in an enjoyable outdoor adventures.

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